Saturday, January 22, 2011

I love my family!

I just wanted to post real quick that I LOVE MY FAMILY. I couldn't ask for a better family and I couldn't have asked to be married into a better family. There's also a few friends who I don't condsider friends, they're family. and I love them as that. Recently we had a death in the family, Jason's grandma Marie passed away. She was the sweetest lady I have ever met and I am so glad we got to see her several times while we were here in AZ and also that we could come back again to be with family. We love and miss her dearly but I know she is for sure watching over all of us because she loved us so much. Esp Blake and Hayden lol. In the last two months we have definitly grown closer and stronger. I can say this about my marriage too. I'm definitly growing even more into the person I want to be and I love it. I am getting rid of all the negative people in my life and having only the positive. I am so extremely happy lately its great. ok now here's some pics of recent times. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marine Corps Ball: Nov 5th, 2010

On Nov. 5th 2010, VMAT 203 had their USMC ball for the marine corps birthday. My parents were in NC to visit us and so we got to get all dolled up and go to the ball. Here are a few pics of the night. We hung out with Brittany and Chris during the ball. I was so excited to fit in my dress (that i ordered during pregnancy) less than a month after having Blake. :) it was a great night and my husband looked SOOO handsome :)

I also posted the pics of Tim and Amber from their ball that I took. They had theirs in the beginning of Oct because Tim deployed to Afgahnstan.

Happy Birthday Marines!!

Blake Christopher Beatty

October 10th, 2010 came and went....

October 12th, 2010
Jason and I went over to Jason's friend Tim's apartment so that we could have dinner with him and his wife Amber. During the time we were there I started feeling weird and very uncomfertable... Around 6:30p I started having contractions, they were strong but very far apart... I kept an eye on them as we went home but they weren't getting any closer together.. Jason went to sleep because we didn't seem to be getting close, he had work the next morning and hadn't slept the night before. I was extremely uncomfertable and just layed in bed with him while he slept. During those hours I kept having contractions and the night seemed to take forever. The contractions stayed very stong and slowly came closer together. Randomly I would get up and do things around the house. My mother in law was coming in the next day (13th) and I wanted to make sure everything was ready for her arrival even though I was having contractions. Around 2:30a on the 13th my contractions were way too stong for me to just lay in bed and do nothing but be in pain so I got up and was walking around the house, I managed to put sheets and blankets on the air mattress to make it up for my mother in law and got my hair and make up done because I knew these contractions weren't going away, I would be having Blake sometime on the 13th!! (yes, I did my hair and make up... too many pics were taken) The contractions started getting to hard to bare and my breathing was much heavier and around 3:45a my breathing woke Jason up because he knew it wasn't normal. He got me through a few more contractions which were now about 8-10 min apart and we decided to get going to Carteret General Hospital where I would be delivering Blake.

We got into registration and headed up to the labor and delivery floor about 4:30a. The nurses checked me and I was 3cm and about 40% dialated but my contractions were where they should be so they called one of my doctors to see if he wanted to keep me there at the hospital or send me home until I progressed more (which I wouldn't have gone home)... He told them to keep me there and set me up on all the monitors and watch me progress.. A nurse name Jodi took care of me and she was amazing and so sweet. My contractions were really getting to me and started making me nautious I thought I was going to throw up and she took care of me and calmed me down along with Jason. While I started not feeling well, Blake's heart rate started dropping and they were getting concerned, they started monitoring me even more and I was put on oxygen for both of our sakes. It wasn't very often that a nurse wasn't in the room with us. During this time I gradually progressed but the doctor didn't want to break my water just yet. At 7a the shift changed and Dr. D'Andrea came on as my doctor she spoke with the other one and she decided that she did want to break my water because my contractions were about 4-5 min apart and she believed I was far enough along...

They ordered my epideral to be put in and they got it in and started the dosage and it was supposed to kick in. Just after 8a Dr. D'Andrea came back in and broke my water, instantly Blake dropped big time and i was 100% effaced and 8cm dialated. About 15 min later, the contractions were getting the best of me again, I could barely breathe even with the oxygen, I about made Jason's hands break off with every contraction and the pain was so unbareable. All the nurses rushed in and the doctor and I couldn't help but be screaming in pain, they were trying to get the meds put in for the epideral and the doctor announced that I would most likely have him in the next contraction or so and they needed to get set up extremely fast because I wasn't going any longer....

I have never felt as much pain and had never been so scared in my life, I had gone through this all before with Hayden and yet it was COMPLETELY different. During delivery with hayden i was able to breathe through it all and I didn't scream, three pushes he was out.... With Blake I could barely breathe, my heart was racing, and all i could do was scream and push and want my baby out... I still concentrated on what they were saying, and once again three pushes and Blake FLEW (no joke, she had to catch him real fast)out...

Jason was crying and so relieved it was over, I slowly tried my hardest to calm down quickly, they put him on my chest so I could see him and I was yet again instantly in LOVE.. He was so beautiful and had so much hair! I was so thankful he was finally here. They stitched me up and cleaned up the room while I watched them wipe him off and suction liquid from him. It took them longer to get him ready for us because apparently I had an over abundance of liquid in me (more than normal pregnancies) and it had affected him...

Blake was 21in long, 8lbs 5.6oz!

He had to stay longer in the hospital because they thought he had an infection of some sort. We spent three extra days in the hospital and he couldn't come out of the nursary because they had him undressed and on monitors the whole time. He also had to be put under the UV lights because he was slightly Jaundice. The reason they were monitioring him was because his heart rate would drop extremely low while he was sleeping. He was sleeping extremely hard and it was scaring Dr. Mac. They continued to monitior him, Dr Mac spoke with different docs about his case, they ran EKG's on Blake and we cared for him when he was awake.

Tim, Amber and my mommy in law came to see Blake while he was in the hospital and we fed him whenever it was time.

Through those three extra days the tests all came back negative for anything bad and his EKG's became normal, his heart rate would stay up and his jaundice went away. They finally let us go home with Blake on Saturday October 16th during the early afternoon and we couldn't have been more excited!!

Jason was the most amazing partner during the delivery and through everything. He rarely left me and only did if he had to run somewhere real quick or to take his mom back to our house and he came right back to me.

It was an emotional time delivering Blake because all we had was each other because our family and friends were here in AZ for the most part and Blake was stuck in the NICU and when Jason would leave it was so hard not to cry sometimes not knowing what was happening..But God was definitly with us and was watching out for us and our precious baby boy. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and kept us in their thoughts! We love you all..

Blake is doing AMAZING (he's a little over a month now)! He eats like a champ, is getting chunky, he cries a lot, more than Hayden ever did because he is super gassy, but he's getting through it and is slightly getting better with that.

We couldn't LOVE him more :)

So I've been slacking

I haven't blogged in several months and I don't even know where to begin!! I'm not even sure people read it anymore because I haven't been reminded to blog in a very long time... I'll try to keep up with it more but now with two boys I don't have much down time, I'm only on here because Blake is sleeping and Hayden is playing outside with his Nonnie (my dad)....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decorating Blake's room!!

Today (Saturday August 21st) we started decorating Blake's room. I love all of his stuff. We still have a few things to get for him but we got some accomplished today and I'm so very excited for him to be here. 50 more days as of today. Once we get a few things organized I'll take final pics of his whole room but here is some for now :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 12, 2010


On Thursday, my babyhead Hayden celebrated his 3rd birthday. I can't believe how big he is getting and that he's three. He will always be my baby of course :)... He is in Az right now though so I didn't get to spend it with him. This factor pretty much killed me. I've never been away from him for any sort of big event and now I was away from him for his birthday. He spent the day asking for cake, playing with his cousin Olivia who stopped in to visit on their way to Texas (she just started walking), and spending time with that part of the family. I talked to him and his grandparents on the phone that day and they sent me a picture at night of him with his cake. He's getting very good with holidays, and birthdays finally understanding that they are special days, he was calling it his day and was very excited about it. On friday night, JJ's family and my parents and grandma met at Peter Piper Pizza and celebrated with pizza and cake for my little man. They said he had a blast and my mom took pictures, which I can't wait to see. We will be doing something special with him when I get him back at the end of this month, and Jason's mom has ordered some sort of big present for him that is being shipped to the house so I'm sure he will love whatever that is also. I can't wait to get him back here, we will have such a great month together and then Blake will be here!!! The months he is here are amazing and I absolutely LOVE having all my boys together!!


Getting ready for Blake

After I got back from Az (with as much stuff as I could shove in my suitcases), we started putting stuff together and away.. Its been a slow process because we have to clean everything, and wait for packages to be shipped here from AZ (my momma is awesome and has been doing so) so that we have all his stuff. We got his clothes all put in the closet, what is hangin in the picture is sizes newborn till 6 months, everything is folded and put away till its time to wear them because his closet is full lol. I can't wait to see him in all his little clothes. We got giftcards from some people for the baby shower so we went to Target and spent them to buy Blake some stuff. We got him a new swing among other stuff and Jason had fun putting it together. He loves being involved in setting up Blake's room and loves putting things together for him. He is so anxious to see his little boy, I love watching him talk to people about Blake and love it when he talks to Blake in my tummy and lays purposely so Blake will kick him in the head lol.

There are a few pics on here I loaded of my baby belly. They were taken a few weeks ago, I haven't taken any recently. I am now 32 weeks as of today. Everything is how it should be according to the doctores. I go every two weeks to doctors appointments now. All the doctors that we've seen there so far are very nice and informative to us, the nurses also, which help having to deliver in a new place where I didn't expect to be. There are 9 doctors at this practice I believe, so they want me to see all of them or as many as possible before i deliver so that I know who they are when I go into labor depending who is on call. I am very pleased with this practice, it is a really nice doctors office and huge. I want to go to the hospital soon to check it out, it is kinda difficult though because of Jason's schedule, we have to get him off work, but hopefully one time after an appointment we can check it out since the hospital is right down the road from the office... The only problem i have had this pregnancy besides the usual stuff is they told me I am hypoglycemic. My body produces too much insulin and it makes my blood sugar drop really low or spike high if I eat sugar. When they had me do a 3 hour blood sugar test I wasn't allowed to eat obviously and my last blood drawn came back at 32... which is SUPER low. So I just have to keep snacks close for when I can feel I am getting shakey or not feeling right. My heart beat also races when I eat sugar... Its kind of an annoying process but I am actually pretty used to it now... Just hoping it does actually go away after I have Blake...

Not much else is happening this pregnancy, just being at home, taking care of the house stuff, being with Hayden when I have him, and trying not to be in pain. Blake is VERY VERY active. He moves constantly! Which stops me from sleeping lately but oh well... We call him our little monkey and lately I've been calling him a ninja lol.

We can't wait to meet our little man and Hayden is very anxious to meet his little brudder :)